As part of your files and resources, we recommend that you build a special collection of materials which will help support your public relations program.  These materials can help with news media liaison, speaking engagements and other activities.

  1. Statistical figures concerning your company.
  2. Photography publications, books and other materials which provide an overall perspective on the industry.
  3. Color and black and white photographs of your activities.
  4. Reproductions of significant articles about the photography business which have appeared in publications.
  5. A log of radio, television coverage and speaking engagements.
  6. Biographical data on individuals with whom contacts are desired (major new business prospects, political figures, industry leaders).
  7. A publicity calendar for planning special events. Such a timetable should not conflict with holidays, competing or conflicting activities.
  8. Lists of possible public relations interrelationships with other photography businesses, organizations or community events.
  9. A log of materials available to help with interviews or special events. 
  10. This reminds you where to find  props, charts, maps, and other audio-visual aids which might be used by your speakers.
  11. A supply of brochures, reprinted articles, CDs, posters and other materials which might be helpful.
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