The best news media information goes from people who specialize in placing articles and advertising with publications and stations. All of our affiliate publishers are companies that know the business of working with the news media. Each is a special expert in the marketplace where we produce their directories. If you need public relations assistance specific to key markets, talk to us. If you want the most detailed, current and accurate news media information, buy FINDERBINDER® News Media Directories.

The FINDERBINDER  National Network Internet site is specialized in the news media in selected metropolitan and state areas. Each affiliate is the most knowledgeable company on the media in that area.

Where aFINDERBINDER  affiliate exists, there is no more detailed or current news media information available. If you have any questions about this, use our 800 number: (800) 255-2575.

Who is helping you with journalistic expertise?

We strongly advise that you do nothing with the news media without the assistance of someone with a journalism degree and/or extensive experience as a reporter, editor or public relations practitioner.

Ask theFINDERBINDER  affiliate you call for regional media information about the services that public relations agency provides. A bit of professional support can save you time and assure you of larger, more appropriately focused results in the news media. You would not go to court without a lawyer, don't attempt relationships with journalists without skilled public relations practitioners.

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